Licensure & Accreditation

Licensure and accreditation are essential elements to the delivery of quality healthcare.  The broad licensing power of state and federal agencies, as well as that of hospitals and professional societies, all influence the practice of professionals.  Professional representation and qualified understanding are critical for protecting privileges to practice in the field of medicine.

The law office of the Spiers Group has rare insight and broad experience in navigating the issues surrounding the acquisition and/or defense of licenses, accreditation and certifications. An attorney with years of clinical practice experience as a cardiac surgeon, Dr. Spiers leverages personal experience and the ability to speak the language of his colleagues. Whether you are a physician, pharmacist, nurse, or other licensed healthcare professional, the Spiers Group is available to help before and after any incident that could affect your ability to practice.

Peer Review

Peer review is critical to the delivery of quality care, and is important at every level of practice. Unfortunately, many practitioners do not realize the serious nature of the peer review process. Implications of even the seemingly minor of decisions or incidents by a hospital review committee, an insurance company, or a governmental agency, can have lasting impact. Physicians too often feel that “if they would only let me explain,” not realizing that they as providers are not equipped with the tools needed to protect their rights.  Experienced representation and guidance is critical for preserving practitioner’s rights and privileges.  

Licensing, Board Certification, Healthcare Program Participation, and Other Essential Privileges

Obtaining and protecting licensure, certifications and privileges for healthcare professionals is one of the most important tasks of skilled counsel in the health law arena.  Peer review investigations, due process hearings, and qualitative and quantitative privilege disputes can escalate quickly and result in loss of hospital privileges, suspension or even expulsion from professional associations, forfeiture of Drug Enforcement Administration registration, exclusion from participation in Medicare and Medicaid programs, and other judicial or administrative proceedings that can irreparably affect a career in the medical field. Involvement of experienced counsel, like that found at the Spiers Group, early in the process can prevent a simple error of understanding from becoming a long, protracted, expensive practice-changing event.