Professional Employment Agreements, Practice Governance, and Healthcare Ventures

The Spiers Group understands the objectives, concerns, and compounded industry regulations that affect the preparation, execution, and defense of professional contracts and partnership agreements. Leveraging a background in the medical field and direct experience in the business and management of healthcare practices from the client side, the team at the Spiers Group provides contractual drafting, relationship review, contract negotiation, dispute resolution, and litigation when needed, for a broad range of professional relationships and ventures within the healthcare industry. For medical venturers, the Spiers Group can guide your foray into the complex world of medical organizations and compliance with the myriad regulations governing your vision.

Professional Employment Contracts

•      Physicians
•      Nurses
•      Pharmacists
•      Psychologists
•      Dentists
•      Chiropractors
•      Acupuncturists
•      Perfusionists
•      Physical Therapists
•      Respiratory Therapists
•      Alternative Medicine Practitioners
•      Support Staff and Administration

Ownership Agreements

•      Practice Organization and Governance
•      Partnership Agreements
•      Vendor Agreements
•      Real Estate/Lease Agreements
•      Practice Expansion

Medical Ventures

•      Surgery Centers
•      Imaging Centers
•      Pharmacy Ventures
•      Home Health Agencies
•      Hospice Organizations